Thursday, May 20, 2010


It has been 2 days since Walker left and honestly it feels as if a lot more time has passed.

I spent the first day moping around. Going over, in my head, the list of things I had planned and not caring much about any of it. I figured I'd give myself one day to sort out my thoughts, figure out where to start, and then progressively get more productive. After a couple of hours had passed doing nothing but sighing every so often I pulled out my current knitting project and worked on that while I watched Mrs. Winterbourne. That quickened the night some, and by 10:30 I was more than ready for bed. I read a bit of my latest book purchase Bonk by Mary Roach (I recently finished Stiff another book by Roach which I found quite fascinating) during which point sleep quickly overtook me.

Yesterday I had watched a series of mini videos for taking care of succulents and I was feeling a bit better. I was especially excited about my plan to head to the hardware/garden store after work to look for mini pots to re-pot all my succulents that seem to be dying. As it turns out the succulents in question were gifted to me last Christmas by Walker so I would be super bummed if they died, especially while he's in Africa. So after work I rode to the hardware store and walked outside to the garden area and scanned over the pots at which time the outdoor attendant asked if I was finding everything alright, yes was my response. He then stood around watching me and I assumed he needed something near where I was standing so I moved and he walked to where I had been and awkwardly moved a large potting vase. From there he went and sat down in a chair much closer to me and facing my exact direction. Feeling a bit uncomfortable I walked to another area to take a look at some succulents and he pretty quickly got up and sat in another location very near me and facing me yet again. I was pretty irritated at this point and since I didn't find what I was looking for I left. I nearly asked if his job was to bore a hole in the back of my head with his eyes, because he was doing quite well.

I was pretty close to Walker's apartment where he had left his mail key so I figured I'd stop by and check the mail. Seemed easy enough but his mailbox has a very tricky lock which I could not, even after about 5 minutes, get into. I felt a little like I was trying to break in so I gave up and went home. Hopefully he can e-mail me the trick to opening it.

Once I got home I decided to trim up my succulents in a way that I figured was my last resort. I took them all out of the pot they were in cut off all the dead leaves and roots and I have them all lying on a shelf out of the sun to let the newly cut areas dry before I re-pot them. I'm crossing my fingers this will work.

Once the succulents were taken care of I decided the craft of the night would be a t-shirt rag rug. I thought it would be a better idea to start a new project than to work on one of the many piling up in my newly organized craft closet. Ha Ha. I dug around for a few t-shirts and got to work. It started out a bit rough with all the tangling going on ( I may have cut the fabric the wrong way because it was stretching out way too much) but I managed that and made some progress on the rug.

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