Friday, May 21, 2010

Day 4

So today is Ride Your Bike to Work Day here in Austin. If it had not been for a lucky string of coincidences I would not have discovered this and all the wonderful things that have followed.

Last night after work I took the bus down to my favorite yarn shop to find yarn colors for some Christmas stockings I've been commissioned to knit. This took all of 5 minutes and I was back at the bus stop heading home. As I sat there baking in the sun (of course I had to wear black jeans today) I saw a flyer for Grackle Fest. I made a note to look into when I get home.

Once I was home again I went to look up Grackle Fest and luckily clicked on this link. This is when I discovered that today, the 21st of May is Ride Your Bike to Work Day and as such free food would be given out. Lucky for me it was Thursday night!

So this morning I rode my bike as usual and stopped by Wheatsville for some free breakfast goodies! It was all really nice and I figured I'd wash it all down with some ice cold tea. Turns out ice cold tea and ice cold coffee look just the same. Again lucky for me, since I do not enjoy coffee, I had only poured about a inch into my little cup. I took a few polite sips before disposing of it. Very enjoyable morning none the less.

I has also read that Chipotle was giving away free burritos if you rode your bike to the downtown location. I called this morning to confirm so I wouldn't ride down there just to look like a fool. With this confirmed I rode down there just before 11 (when the free burritos were scheduled to start) to beat the crowd. It's about 2 miles from my office and relatively light traffic, both on the road and in the restaurant, that was surprising. I ordered as soon as I walked up and mentioned the ride down at which point my burrito was put in a bag and handed right over.

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