Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Day 16

I'm glad to say that despite having made plans to see a movie last night I went home instead because I was so excited to work on my dress.

Before I got pulled out the sewing machine and all my notions I figured I should finish my market bag since it was basically a bind off from being finished. I think it turned out wonderfully if I dismiss the fact that I was supposed to switch to smaller needles for the top ribbing. Either way it looks super cute with a few books stuffed in it like I just got back from the library. I pranced around the living room with it and look a couple photos.

After I'd eaten dinner I got to work on the dress. I had already installed the zipper so I finished the back seem and began working on the front panel. I attached all three front panels together sewing and breathing slowly as I went around the bust lines. I then deciphered how to attach the upper bodice pieces, decided on the placement of the belt loops, and the front panel was in one piece.
So at that point I had a front and a back panel that needed to be one. I carefully pinned and then sewed the two halves together and there in front of me was a dress! Of course the edges were all raw and there was still a lot to be done but I had sewn a dress! I could, and did, try it on for size and let me tell you the fit it just about perfect! Very, very exciting!

I did a minimal amount of sewing on the liner and called it a night, a very successful night.

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